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To give is to receive!

We offer two free opportunities for you who want to experience YinTorp and the unique environment here! Maybe you want to join in and contribute to the co-creation and energy flow, or maybe you are in great need of the stillness and to just be but lack the financial conditions.


Hälsosann Karmayoga

Healthy karma yoga - volunteering at YinTorp means helping with what is needed depending on the season; spring clearing, autumn cleaning, gardening, cultivation, planting, pruning, plant collection, creative creation, cooking, repairs, etc.


Our hope is that everyone brings something to eat that can become part of a shared buffet. Bring your own towel and bed linen.

The stay, fellowship and overnight stay at YinTorp will be your compensation.

Volunteering takes place continuously and you can register your interest to and mark the email Hälsosann karmayoga.

Some periods require more help and then we will announce the dates here:

Hälsosann Bhaktiyoga – free stay/event at YinTorp

A free stay/event at YinTorp is offered to someone who would really need it but who lacks the financial means themselves. Describe why that particular person/you needs and deserves it the most. Email your proposal to and label the email Hälsosann bahktiyoga.

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