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Yoga & meditation

Health Truth Yoga & Meditation - For Harmony and Balance

Welcome to a completely unique experience of true health yoga and meditation, where we combine the power of nature with individually adapted techniques to promote your well-being. Regardless of whether you choose to participate individually or in a group, we tailor the exercises based on your specific needs and goals.



Breathing techniques used in yoga to achieve everything from relaxation to improved energy flow, cleansing and enhanced directed focus.



Quiet focus, presence exploration, dissolution of limitations, values and judgments, acceptance and tolerance - the essence of yoga

​Together we combine these powerful techniques to create a healing and revitalizing experience. Explore the interior and let nature's soothing presence guide you on your journey to inner peace and well-being.

Welcome to explore healthy yoga and meditation with us - a place where the soul finds peace and harmony.

Take the first step towards a more balanced life.

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Reserve Yoga & Meditation

  • Tue

    1 tim. 30 min.

  • Wed

    1 tim. 30 min.

  • Thu

    1 tim. 30 min.

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